Smart Phones – The Death of Your Privacy

Smart Phones – The Death of Your Privacy

It’s pretty fair to say that in this day and age, if you own a mobile phone and it isn’t ‘smart’, then some may argue that neither are you. Or is that that actually the case? Sure the grass may look greener on the side of smart technology. After all a phone isn’t just a phone anymore is it. It’s a camera, an MP3 Player, a digital satnav and a perfect gym buddy. But as Apple recently stated in this article, all is not well for the future of smart phone users (particularly iPhone junkies). Let’s take a closer look at why this is.


The more advanced technology gets the more time and energy we use to rely on it, essentially storing a lot of our data on our phones. This includes our contacts, messages, calendars, passwords, payment information, pictures & video’s, phone call info, health information and so much more. That is why companies like Apple invest so heavily into its security infrastructure to ensure that all of its customers maintain the upmost privacy and security when storing this kind of information on their servers.

Here’s the problem though. It is no secret that government officials have been intensely looking at new ways to clamp down on terror plots and significantly improve security threats in the western world. As many of us would agree that we do not support such acts, the fact of the matter is, these criminals are using smart technology to initiate, communicate and plan out these violent acts of war on the west. So in case you haven’t already figured it out up until this point, one way to keep tabs on these barbarians, is to keep tabs on EVERYONE (yes including YOU) via access to your personal information through smart phones such as the iPhone.

On February 16th 2016, Apple have released a statement of controversy in opposition to the US Government’s demands to create a ‘back door’ to its existing highly advanced encryption module. Now of course, the United States government haven’t just come out and boldly demanded access to every iPhone user on the planet. Instead they made this enquiry in regards to one particular case. The San Bernardino case, which saw the killing of 14 people during a mass shooting in California. The FBI have essentially asked Apple to develop a brand new version of the iOS software, which currently does not exist and to install it on an iPhone that was discovered which links back to these attacks.

Mass Shooting In San Bernardino Leaves At Least 14 Dead

At first glance it’s easy to see why most people would see this as harmless. After all it’s only right that any technology firm should be willing to help out on an investigation such as this. But you might want to hold your horses there for a second. Once (or If) this software is created, it can then be easily analysed and re-created by whomever has access to it and can be used for whatever purposes the users of this software intend to use it for. When you give such power, to an already powerful organisation…. Imagine what could happen.

At the moment nothing has been created on such fronts, as Apple has publically came out and opposed the development of such a software. And who can blame them. It almost undermines the decades of hard work and effort to create its existing encryption security wall. No to mention, destroying it’s immaculate reputation with its huge fan base.

It all comes down to this one fact. Can the US Government and the FBI be trusted with such software and to honour their promise not to use it on more than once and re-create it to make their lives easier whilst destroying American Democracy at an extremely high level?

Maybe going back to ‘dumb’ phones are the way forward. Have your say and tell us what you think. Comment below.

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