Lessons From The Hatton Garden Robbery

Lessons From The Hatton Garden Robbery

As our friends over at locksmithcroydon247.co.uk also mentioned, several things peaked our interest about the Hatton Garden Robbery. For those of you who don’t know, this crime is considered the “largest burglary in English legal history.” With an operation that took over four days to complete, this certainly wasn’t done by an amateur. Four criminals have been apprehended for this crime that has resulted in £2 million of property to have been stolen. Other than sounding like the plot of the next Hollywood blockbuster, what makes this robbery so unusual?

For one thing, several security measures were in place that was fooled or taken advantage of, which is of interest to any company looking to protect their clients, but also the fact that the youngest burglar was 48. All four men in this incident were considerably older than the average robber, with a leader they called the master sitting at 78 years old. This has some rather disturbing implications for our older generation, as “wisdom comes with age” doesn’t seem to apply here. On a regular basis it has been shown that our generation’s geriatric group is not aging with grace, but rather still partying and being proud of behavior that many people would have grown out of by the time they are 30.

Saying that older criminals don’t exist at all is a misnomer, but the idea that a heist in this day and age consists of 4 men who should be enjoying retirement makes you think. What can security do to upgrade their systems to prevent this type of heist from occurring, and why are our senior citizens performing such elaborate crimes in the first place?

CCTV Monitoring with Remote Access

Leaning against the Walls

As far as the security measures are concerned, what has been learned from the press is that extensive security systems did exist at the time of the robbery, but they were overcome. CCTV cameras were in place, but these criminals overtook them as the monitoring booth, and the criminals knew well enough to steal the footage as part of their robbery. If our systems had been used we would have still utilized the CCTV network, but made sure to had a live feed through which remote monitoring could have taken place. This way, an alarm could have been raised in a real time and the burglars apprehended sooner.

Although it has been reported that the lines to the systems had been cut, days prior a remote monitoring system would have the advantage of a loss of connectivity would have alerted us quickly so lines could have been reestablished within a shorter time frame.

Insider Job?

Hole in the Vault

Some had speculated that the crime was an inside job and that these men were aware of the systems in place before they started the heist. If this is the case, these types of situations are difficult to foil, but extra measures can be put in place that could make this almost impossible. Key holders have an additional layer of security that would only let a few select people have access to these feeds and equipment. Since these men had criminal pasts, some extending decades, a background check would have shown their true colors and not allowed them access to these important keys.

False Alarm Focus

Police Officer Guarding

Another concern arises from the idea that the alarm systems that were in place either were out of commission entirely or produced several alarms that were ignored. False alarms are a struggle that every security company must deal with, but they can be used as a strength rather than a weakness. When one of our clients has a few false alarms in a row, the systems are checked and restarted to make sure the system itself is not at fault. Once this has been determined, a report to the police would be made and investigated to determine the cause of these false alarms. Whether they were written off as incidental or their URN code was in the process of being reported, we aren’t for sure. Either way, a break in security has been noted.

We do not use this blog to condemn the systems that were in place on site, but rather to point out the flaws that existed so we can learn from them for the future. We may be dealing with a new criminal that is older and more experienced with our systems, and learning from our mistakes such as with the Hatton Garden Robbery will make the security we have in place stronger for it.


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